Monday, 31 December 2012

My favourite song

Mindmap of circles

Good digital practises

Digital citizenship-random thoughts

A video clip that caught my attention

When will time end?
This video tells us about when time will end and the what will cause the eventual demise of the universe.

What i learned
-Earth's spin is getting slower due to the moon.
-It is possible to create a micro-balck hole in particle colliders.
-The universe is very interesting and confusing.

Places i like to go in Singapore

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One of these places is Bedok Reservoir Park. somewhere in the park there is something called Forest Adventure. it is like an obstacle course in the treetops. It has zip-lines and swings and... it is just awesome. 

About me

Hi, my name is Donovan Neo Jia Jie, you can call me Donovan/Don. My hobbies are, playing video games, chatting with friends on whatsapp, reading. I will try my best to get the job done and lend a hand.

Here is the link to my picasa album 'About me'